Questions we assume people want to know the answers to...

Why would an advertiser pay so much?

Because they know, on average, how much money they make per call and they can allocate a portion of that to your marketing efforts.

For example, a plumber makes an average profit of $80 per job. They are able to close 50% of their inbound sales calls. That means that, on average, each sales call earns them a profit of $40 ($80 x 50%=$40).
Assuming they are looking for a return on investment (ROI) of 100%, they should be willing to pay $20 per call TO YOU for your marketing efforts.

What is the best way for me to drive traffic to the call centers?

Mobile, mobile, mobile! 

When you get out of bed in the middle of the night and you are ankle deep in water because of a plumbing accident, what do you do? Reach for a phone book? Not in this day and age. 

Most of us reach for our cell phones. We Google "24 hour emergency plumbing service" and click on the first thing we see. The top 2 or 3 placements on Google are reserved for advertisers (you). Put your ad there! The customer clicks on the ad, calls the call center, and you get your $20 commission.

Is it possible to make money without spending money?

A cliché comes to mind, but the following answer seems more appropriate.

Though it is possible to generate leads without expenses (posting on content sites, social media, etc...), we highly desire marketing professionals that understand the economics of purchasing media and monetizing through media buys.
Our offer in a nutshell...

We pay commissions of $10 to >$100 per call that is generated from your online, offline and mobile marketing methods.

Drive high quality phone calls to our advertisers and earn commission.

You can monetize your content with Ring Ally by following these three easy steps.

1. Sign-up here and wait for approval. We get to these as soon as we can (usually one business day.)

​2. Once you are approved, apply for offers that you feel match your promotional methods.

3. Promote the offers and get paid.

​more information below...
Delivering quality calls to our advertisers...

We exist and continue to be relevant because our advertisers know they will get high quality calls from our network.

We seek out strategic partnership with companies who share our vision and who can help deliver these high quality calls.
Our affiliates are...


They are companies like:

media buyers, newspapers, magazines, publications, websites, directories, email distributors, newsletters, apps, mobile/online gurus, call centers, other networks, agencies, social media experts, etc..
We provide our affiliates with...

Good quality, high paying offers - not to mention a great way to monetize your content.

Access to real-time reporting.

Unique toll-free numbers to use in advertisements.

An affiliate manager to help with brainstorming, approvals, billing, etc...

On time payments, every time!
Click HERE to sign-up as an affiliate today!


Our client would like to speak to and help individuals who owe $15,000 or more in back taxes or who are behind in filing in Canada.

High payout, low duration, national campaign!

Payout - $75
Duration needed to trigger payout - 90 seconds